Welcome to db4free.net

db4free.net provides a testing service for the latest - sometimes even development - version of the MySQL Server. You can easily create an account for free and test your applications, for example to make sure that they still work after a MySQL version update. db4free.net is also a good resource for education and to make yourself familiar with new features that were introduced in new versions.

db4free.net aims to always provide either the latest production release or the latest development release. db4free.net's MySQL server will be updated very soon after a new version is released, usually on the same day or very soon after.

To access your data in a convenient way, db4free.net also provides an up-to-date version of phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin will also be updated very frequently, so you always get the very latest.

What db4free.net is not

db4free.net is a testing service which means it is not suitable for production. There can be outages, data loss and security features do not meet the standards which you expect from a professional data hosting provider. If you need a MySQL database for production use, please do not use db4free.net!

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There is a db4free.net section in the mpopp.net blog bringing you the News about db4free.net. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed to make sure you don't miss any news. db4free.net is also on Twitter, another great resource to stay on top of what is happening in the db4free.net world.

The best resources to learn more about MySQL are the MySQL Developer Zone, the MySQL Reference Manual and PlanetMySQL. The MySQL website offers a number of Developer Articles many of which explain new features that are being introduced in upcoming versions in excellent detail.

If you find a bug in the MySQL Server, please report it in the MySQL Bug Tracking System.